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Holidays in Tunisia

With Tunisia boasting sun, attractions and culture, it's no surprise to see that the country is a hugely popular destination for holidaymakers. Moreover, in comparison with other nations which offer a similar experience, Tunisia is very cheap yet still tourist friendly. Following on from the above, here are several activities and attractions that one may find themselves experiencing during a holiday to Tunisia.  

Camel Rides

Most people make it their priority to take a ride on a camel during a trip to the country. There are countless providers of this experience, with some even taking their tours all the way to the Sahara desert, while others will remain local and allow their group to explore the pleasant countryside.

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Quad Biking

Admittedly, this is an activity that can be done in any part of the world. However, riding a quad bike across the Tunisian country and desert is a fantastic experience, especially when performed in a large group. Generally, such exhibitions last for a couple of hours and are priced at a fraction of what one would pay in England.

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For those interested in history and culture, a trip to the amphitheatre in El Djem should certainly be on the agenda. Film enthusiasts will also be interested to know that scenes from the Monty Python film The Life of Brian was filmed there, as well as ones from Gladiator. The amphitheatre is regarded as one of the biggest attractions of its type in the world and the fact that so much of the structure is standing makes a tour even more worthwhile. It's possible to venture underneath the amphitheatre, as well as climb up to the top to admire the spectacle of the attraction.

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Hit the beach

As you would expect from a country with such a hot climate, Tunisia is home to some fantastic beaches. Wherever you stay in the country, you are sure to be near a beach. Some are the typical white sands, while others are of the rocky variety with palm trees even being prevalent. Tourists can usually find a water sport facilities nearby, while bars and restaurants also tend to line the areas. For those looking for beaches of the most pristine quality, a trip to Hammamet should be in order as this is where the best beaches in the country are based.

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The Markets

For those looking to take home a few gifts, a trip to one of the countless Tunisian markets is certainly in order. From clothes to hookahs, the markets have a vast selection and the traders are usually more than happy to strike a deal with tourists.

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While Tunisia may not be too renowned for golf, the fact is that tourists can access some hugely impressive courses in the country. The courses are dotted throughout the country with Golf Citrus in Hammamet, Golf Club Djerba in Djerba-Midoun and Monastir Golf Course being several of the most established. Some are regarded as links style courses and are situated by the sea, while others are more inland and visitors will be able to play their round amidst picturesque palm trees.

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