Where to Go ?

What season you may be thinking about coming to Tunisia you will love to look at the golden beaches and the beautiful deep blue of the sea. There are much more than 1200 kilometers of coast this sunny Mediterranean land. This is a vacationer’s paradise.


There are well known seaside resorts such as Sousse, Hammamet, Monastir, Djerba, Nabeul, Djerba and Tabarka. These places offer their visitors fine sand beaches and beautiful crystal water. There are so many different choices of hotels right on the waterfront which will allow you to enjoy sun and sea sports such as sailing and windsurfing or may want to do underwater sightseeing, boat rides or fishing.
places to go tunisia


The hotels here in Tunisia are built with the comfort of the visitor in mind. They are thinking about your enjoyment and this is why there are beautiful restaurants which are featuring not only Tunisian cuisine but also international cuisine. During peak season in the summer each of the hotels work very hard to give their residents many opportunities to enjoy the activities. There are festivals which are held nearby and you are invited to join your hosts to celebrate Father Neptune and enjoy concerts help by the locals.


Not only do you have the opportunity to be lazy on the beach and get a beautiful tan but you can buy cheap papers online from experienced professionals. There are many Roman, Arab, Berber & Phoenician sites.


Visitors return again and again because they are captivated by the diversity of this amazing Mediterranean land. Ask about guided tours and information. You can go to the Tunisian tourist offices in most of the European capitals or in the major cities of Tunisia. They can supply a list of guides, maps, advice and other brochures. These people can help you plan and unforgettable vacation.