The “joie de vivre” of the Tunisians is reflected by their festivals. Even a small village sets time aside so that they can celebrate. It doesn’t matter whether it is the summer harvest, letter writing help, a local saint or the arriving Spring.

Visitors are always welcome and even asked to participate whether it be dancing or having a cup of tea or maybe even a friendly smile. Beautiful starry skies are often the setting for these festivals.


festival tunisia

Douz, The Jerid, Tunisia


The Saharian Festival is of special interest to people who love the dunes and beauty of the Sahara.
Douz is the gateway to the desert and is a beautiful picture of the traditions of the desert, its customs and the folk art. The village is surrounded by sand dunes and is where you leave to go on Mehares and Saharian safari.
You can experience long fun evenings in the El Jem Coliseum for the international music festival. This experience is unforgettable as you listen to the music of amazing artists and symphonic orchestras in the amazing setting of the majestic Roman coliseum in the lovely summer night.