Tunisia has an idea climate and a long gentle seacoast. It is the northernmost country of Africa and has amazing history. Over the last 3000 years this region has seen the passage of Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Turks, Spanish and French. There are many different reasons that these people came through Tunisia. There are stories of adventure, conquest and even stories of missionaries and those coming to bring relief. The hills of Carthage and the threshold of the Sahara was a very popular place for these individuals.



Carthage, Tunis – Tunisia


Tunisia’s greatest wealth is this heritage and it has been preserved in hundreds of different places. You can find pieces of this heritage at museum like the Punic museum in Utica to the vast collections of the prestigious National Museum of Bardo. If you are planning on going to a museum you should know that many of them are closed on Mondays. On the other hand there are many on-site archeological ruins and various museums which are open the entire week. Most charge a fee so they can keep the places nice.