Top 10 Restaurants in Monastir

You can have all of the sandy beaches and fancy cocktails that your heart desires, but something that practically all holidaymakers demand these days is a good supply of restaurants. Most tourist hotspots have a wealth of them, and Monastir is no different. Whether you are a seasoned local or one of the latest visitors […]

Cheap Flights to Tunisia

When you get to Tunisia, there is going to be plenty to do: you might ride on horseback, cruise across the shore with the wind in your hair, lie out on sparkling beaches, take notes at the museum, walk through open markets or dance the night away in glittering clubs.   But before you take […]

Top 5 Hotels in Tunisia

Tunisia has been one of the most popular Africa-based countries to visit over the years, with its climate, tourist-friendly nature and value being just several of the elements that entice visitors. With travel companies aiming to maximise their profits through the avalanche of visitors that make the trip to Tunisia, it won’t be surprising to […]

History, culture, archaeological sites in Tunisia

Tunisian History Independent as the republic of Tunisia since 1956 the cultural influences in Tunisia include French, Arabic, Berber, Vandal, Ottoman, Roman and Punic though the Arabic and French are the biggest influencers on modern Tunisian culture and society. Punic era Under the Carthaginians, a republic that grew out of a Phoenician settlement at Carthage, […]

Sahara holidays, adventure, festivals in Tunisia

When most people think of a holiday somewhere hot and sandy they think of a beach, and Tunisia has plenty of those. Tunisia is also the perfect place from which to take a Saharan adventure holiday though and to find out that the Sahara is more than endless sand and has some of the most […]

Beach holidays, spa treatments, luxury hotels in Tunisia

Tunisian Beach resorts Tunisia has a good range of beach resorts, this means that no single resort gets too over crowded; some are more unspoilt than others though. Monastir Monastir is a historic Phoenician city that dates from pre-Punic times in Tunisia, it also has great beaches and so is ideal for anyone keen to […]